Project Description

Factory Automation

The Automation process is a widely accepted form of production that has made great leaps and bounds in the production process as a whole. Automation has led to the production of sophisticated parts that have similar output qualities with little fluctuation in general tolerances. The use of automation in the manufacturing process started by using such technologies as the pneumatic and hydraulic systems for use in applications where their mechanical advantages could be used to utilize a production for higher output quality and efficiency.


We have created a complex and highly integrated system including autonomous guided vehicles navigation solution and mobility for mapping & SLAM including key components of stereo cameras and LiDAR(Light Detection And Ranging) sensors. Therefore, we will endeavor for the sophisticated operation drivers in the market.

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Use Cases of Industrial Applications

There are many potential use cases using our innovative 2D/3D scanning LiDARs. Industrial safety distance warning in a factory automation process and hazardous areas protection with safety zone & waring zone, perimeter security around the building, and so on.

Key Use Case of Industrial LiDAR

We’re aiming for the industrial LiDAR applications, and here is key features of our innovative LiDARs. 

  • Wider Field of View (3D LiDAR):  360 ̊(Horizontal) x 90 ̊(Vertical ±45 ̊)
  • Small package size and lower cost 
  • Quick and scalable software support
  • High-speed Precision Control

  • Obstacle Detection

  • Anti-Collision

  • Safety Laser Scanner

  • Hazardous Area Protection


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