Project Description

Working on industry safety requirements to meet the customer’s expectation

Key Features

  • Compact and reliable 2D/3D scanning LiDARs
  • Small and Light (2D: 250g, 3D: 280g)
  • Low-power consumption (2D: 5W, 3D: 6W)
  • Wide Range: 5m~25m
  • Angular Resolution: Horizontal 0.33 degree/Vertical 0.175 degree
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Guided LiDAR sensor & Obstacle Avoidance

AGVs with LiDARs can be applied in the field of warehouse, logistics, manufacturing sites, production lines, assembly lines with direct object detection.

System Structure

  • Collision Avoidance

  • Warning

  • Classifying Safety & Warning Zone

  • Hazardous Area Protection

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International Certifications :

  • Quality Certifications : Quality Management System ISO 9001
  • Environmental Certifications : Environmental Management System ISO14001


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