Pilot Project #1 : 3D SLAM and Localization

Robotnik Automation have developed the RB-VOCUI, a highly modular, autonomous and collaborative land robot designed for the autonomous transport of materials in the industrial and construction sectors and completed to test the YRL series.

Within the Cobolleague project, Robotnik has been responsible for the provision of the mechatronic solution and the development of the conceptual design, safety and human factors, as well as business case validation and industrial engagement. A new kinematic configuration has been developed to give the RB-VOGUI robot chassis greater mobility and allows it to perform autonomous transport tasks in urban environments or in unstructured environments with difficult terrain. A 3D laser localization and navigation system has been developed that has proven to work robustly, both indoors and outdoors.

YRL3 Series

– FoV 270×90
– Adjustable vertical angle
– ROS Compatible
– Compact & Cost-effective