Wide Field of View


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E-mail : lidar@yujinrobot.com

    Indoor 2D/3D Scanning LiDAR

    YRL3 series’ principle is based on direct ToF(Time-of-Flight) covering a wide field of view (Horizontal 270° x Vertical 90°) with a single channel comparing to multi-channel arrays of other LiDARs.

    Target Applications

    Yujin LiDAR is an optimized solution for object detection, indoor 3D mapping, point clouds re-construction, SLAM & Localization, navigation, and other use-cases in robotics and industrial applications.

    Service Robot

      • Object Detection
      • SLAM(Simultaneous Localization And Mapping)
      • Localization


      • Anti-Collision
      • Object Detection
      • Workplace Identification

    Factory Automation

      • Smart Factory
      • Collaborative Robot
      • Object Detection, Presence Detection

    Presence Detection

      • Collision Avoidance
      • Alarm & Warning
      • High-speed Precision Control

    Industrial Door System

      • Automatic Door Opening
      • Identifying Object Size
      • People Counting
      • Intrusion Detection

      ROS(Robot Operating System) 

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